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Welcome to my site, “The Functional Rider.” Improve your confidence in the saddle by learning how your body works. Functional Training uses exercise to develop your stability and core strength. In this program you will learn functional anatomy and how to use this knowledge to put your body in motion with ease and improved mobility. If you don’t understand the movement of your muscles how can you use them effectively?  Most riders are trying really hard to implement the instruction given to them by trainers, but often leave lessons feeling frustrated and defeated, thinking they gave it their all but still not getting it right. It has bought me great joy to bridge the gap between rider and trainer.

My personal riding journey has improved with these concepts, and I am passionate to share these tools with other riders in the effort to put joy back into the sport. After all, we are investing time, money and effort and we all want to see results and have fun in the process. 

My riding journey began at age 32 and it was evident from the start that the coordination, timing of aids, and implementing my trainer’s instruction was going to be a huge challenge for me.  When I was 21, I had surgery on the area of my brain that controls fine motor movement. I had never participated in an activity like riding, that required such precise use of my body.

After going through 5 trainers, one of whom told me I was too slow to learn, and on the brink of giving up I started to pursue solutions out of the saddle.  My EMG findings diagnosed that my left side had 30 percent less usage. With that, I had evidence of my struggle and that is where my journey with Functional Training began. Through targeted exercises not only was I able to improve my weaknesses, but I also was able to get into the show ring and have success. I went from wanting to quit and sell my horse to showing Second Level dressage within one year! With these exercises I was able to improve my proprioception and build new neural pathways that improved my weaknesses and become a Bronze Medal Rider. Start your rider fitness journey with me today!

horse equestrian fitness woodlands texas
Improve rider position and body awareness
Correct unevenness in the saddle
Increase Mobility
horse jockey fitness course woodlands texas
Develop Core muscles to become effective in the saddle and improve balance
Restore confidence and joy to the sport
Relieve pain caused by riding with incorrect posture
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Stability & Core Strength

My basic rider fitness program will explain how to properly warm up the joints, exercise with time under tension targeting core muscles, and the bonus addition of myofascial stretching to keep you flexible and speed up muscle recovery.  Along the way you will learn anatomy and how muscle groups work together to move your legs, pelvis and trunk effectively. Exercises and stretching will be presented with detailed descriptions. The option to work with me one-on-one via zoom will be available as an upgraded package along with private messaging for any questions or needs.